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International Student Stories

Tyler, a second-year Economics student and varsity rugby player from Bermuda, is a great example of someone who has made the most out of living in Canada.

From attending hockey games to sledding, Tyler has embraced what winter in Canada has to offer.

“While the snow was hard to adjust to, I have grown to enjoy it. Winter in Canada means hockey, snow, skiing and sledding. During the first snowfall I saw in first year, my friends and I went for a walk around campus and a bunch of students were outside making snow angels and sledding down in Faculty Hallow. Also, last reading week I went to my roommate's cottage and we went sledding, skiing, snowboarding and had a snowball fight. A lot of my favourite memories here have to do with the snow.”

After reflecting on his part year, Tyler sees the value in the Social Sciences program at McMaster.

“The Social Sciences I program makes it very easy to explore a wide range of topics. I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I came here but that was okay. I took a bunch of different courses in anthropology, psychology, economics and social psychology. Even though I realized my passion was economics, I also had interests in a wide range of fields which I would not have learned about without Social Sciences I.”

Tyler joined the varsity rugby team in his second year and plays center and flank.

“I didn’t play rugby in first year and I regret that. I played in high school and playing for McMaster has allowed me to bring a piece of my life in Bermuda to Canada. The school-sports balance has taught me how to manage my time and get my work done early. If you are interested in getting involved with a team or a club at Mac, I highly recommend it. It’s a great way to meet people. When you’re new to the team, you are matched up with an upper year which is great because it gives you someone to go to if you have questions.  This has motivated me to get involved with other things on campus, like fundraising and volunteering.” 

While reflecting on his time at Mac, Tyler can see how he has changed during his time here.

 “Pursuing an undergraduate degree in Canada has opened up a ton of possibilities and opportunities for me. Both academically and in terms of my future career. I have seen the possibilities outside Bermuda. McMaster's population is half the size of Bermuda and being able to study at a school with many people has given me lots of new connections and has shown me new perspectives.”

 “My advice to other international students is to get involved. There is so much to do on campus and it can be intimidating but everyone is just as new and scared as you are. Also, there are tons of international events that are helpful for students to help adjust to life in Canada. Because of the events and the friends that I have made here, I don’t feel like an international student.”