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Research Centres & Groups

The McMaster Faculty of Social Sciences research we pride ourselves on our various research concentrations but we also encourage big picture and interdisciplinary work. Our researches work together across departments and faculties sharing expertise with the wider community.

Research Chairs

Megan Brickley

Professor | Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Bioarchaeology of Human Disease

Katherine Cuff

Professor | Canada Research Chair in Public Economic Theory | Editor, FinanzArchiv/Public Finance Analysis

Philip DeCicca

Associate Professor | Research Associate, NBER | Associate Editor, Health Economics | Associate Editor, Journal of Health Economics | Chair of Graduate Studies, Department of Economics | Canada Research Chair in Public Economics

Jim Dunn

Professor | Department Chair of the Department of Health, Aging & Society | Director of McMaster Institute for Healthier Environments | Canadian Institute for Health Research Chair in Applied Public Health

Amanda Grenier

(Health, Aging & Society), B.S.W. (Windsor), M.S.W., Ph.D. (McGill)

Associate Professor | Gilbrea Chair in Aging & Mental Health | Chair of Gilbrea Centre for Studies in Aging

Dawn Martin-Hill

Associate Professor | Paul R. MacPherson Chair in Indigenous Studies

Stephen McBride

Professor | Canada Research Chair in Public Policy and Globalization

Jeffrey S. Racine

Professor, Department of Economics | Professor, Graduate Program in Statistics, Department of Mathematics and Statistics | Senator William McMaster Chair in Econometrics | Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Econometrics | Associate Editor, Econometric Reviews | Associate Editor, Journal of Econometric Methods

Eileen Schuller

Professor Emeritus | Senator William McMaster Chair in the Study of Religion

Arthur Sweetman

Professor | Ontario Research Chair in Health Human Resources | Chair of Research Committee, Department of Economics