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COVID-19 information and updates

Find the most recent updates here, as well as FAQs and information for students, faculty and staff.

I want to make my data available to researchers in a secure way

How Secure is the SEAL lab?

The SEAL Lab security is designed to address both external attack e.g., hackers who are external to the lab, and internal attack e.g., usually well-meaning or innocent mistakes by lab users.  Security is implemented through hardware/software controls, and administrative controls.  We maintain a detailed security plan for the SEAL Lab that is available to data providers needing to verify our security plan.

Some elements of the security plan include:

  • User screening
  • Access and CCTV controls
  • Results release vetting requirements
  • Secure data import and deletion controls
  • Physical controls such as cabling requirements, connectivity controls and access authorization.
  • Software controls including multi-factor authentication, firewalls, password management and group policy controls.
  • Administrative controls include validation of user authorization to conduct research and implementation of data sharing agreements.

How do I get my data into the SEAL lab?

If you have your own data,  we will provide you an upload link that will allow you to upload the data to the SEAL Lab.  You should encrypt your data while it is in your possession.  We will de-encrypt your data once it is in the SEAL lab.

If you have data sharing agreement with someone to provide you data, it is best that the SEAL Lab work directly with your data provider.  We will work with your data provider to transfer data securely.