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COVID-19 information and updates

Find the most recent updates here, as well as FAQs and information for students, faculty and staff.

I would like to use the SEAL Lab

Data in the SEAL Lab

Description of the Data Available

Secure Data:

Secure data can be imported into SEAL.  We assist in the data transfer process and can assist you in providing security information about SEAL to third party data suppliers who want to verify the safety of their data. 

SEAL Research Ready Datasets:

SEAL has research ready datasets that have been cleaned of data problem. Currently, Ontario university application data from 2004 to 2017 is available.  Researchers wishing access to this data must seek approval through SEAL to the data owner.

Other datasets are available. Contact SEAL if you have specific needs. 

Datasets that Support Research:

SEAL also has a variety of datasets that may be merged with research datasets to enhance their usefulness: 

  • Canadian census 
  • US census 
  • Canadian LFS (Labour Force Survey)
  • CCHS 
  • Postal Code Conversion File (available to eligible researchers) 

Researchers may bring in their own datasets to support their research.

Researcher Support:

SEAL provides assistance in importing data into the SEAL lab.  We also are able to support researchers .

For questions regarding data or research support contact us at  

Bring your own data or use SEAL research ready data:​

OUAC data 

EQAO data 

Ontario schools data 

Food bank data 

SEAL offers some research ready data free of charge through Dataverse:​

T3010 CRA Charitable Information Returns 

We have a variety of ancillary data sets that are useful for analysis of other datasets (subject to data sharing agreement and licensing restrictions):​


Statistics Canada Profile data and PUMF 

US census and ACS 

Detailed Data Descriptions

Detailed Data Descriptions

To learn more about the data available at SEAL, refer to the document below:

Learn more

How to Apply to Access Confidential Data

How to Apply to Access Confidential Data

The SEAL Lab has a number of confidential data sets that are available to researchers.

In some cases, approval from the data supplier is not required.  We can give you immediate access to the data.  If your research project needs to be approved by the data supplier, we will provide you an outline of what should be in your request to access the data.  We will work with the data supplier to get your specific project approved.

Working with Large or International Teams in SEAL

The SEAL Lab has been configured to support large research teams.

We have had teams of more than 25 members working in SEAL.

The use of MobiKeys allows researchers in various international locations to connect to the SEAL Lab.  The lab has collaboration storage which allows researchers to see other researcher’s work and analysis results.


What is a MobiKey and how does it work?

What is a MobiKey and how does it work?

A MobiKey is a device that connects someone at a remote location to the SEAL Lab. A MobiKey will work anywhere in the world. We currently have users in Korea, Israel, France, Italy and in many locations in North America.

To learn more about MobiKeys and how to start your Mobikey session, refer to this resource: 

Learn more

What Software is Available? What if I have Special Software Needs?

Available Software in the SEAL Lab

The following software is available on every computer in the SEAL Lab: 

  • Microsoft Office suite of programs (Word, Excel etc.) 
  • Stata MP4 plus a large suite of the Stata user-written programs.  We can provide any otherSSC repository user-written program on request. 
  • R Studio and the 100 most used CRAN add-in programs. We can provide any other CRAN repository add-in program on request. 
  • QGIS Open Source Geographic Information System  
  • Anaconda GUI  Spyder for Python 
  • SAS is also a standard software offering but you must request installation of SAS.   

Application software is updated every November except for SAS, which is updated in July.  Major new software releases are done when they are available.  We typically install the 64-bit version of all software. If you need to convert a data set from one format to another, the SEAL Lab is able to do this conversion for you. Other software packages can be installed upon request. We can provide information on availability and cost. 


Contact us for additional questions