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I have confidential data that I am getting from a third party (or I have generated it myself) and I want to store it in SEAL

Help with Data Sharing Agreements and Applications to Access Data

Data Sharing Agreements

Data providers usually insist on a data sharing agreement.  The data sharing agreement covers issues such as:

  • Liability and indemnification
  • Security requirements for data storage
  • Acceptable uses of the data

Many data suppliers are used to managing data requests and have established rules and protocols.

Data sharing agreements typically take months, not years. It’s extremely variable depending on both parties and their experience with data sharing, organizational size and structures, and what is being sought. 

SEAL is here to support you in doing this

What is the process (and about how long will it take)?

            Flowchart – might already be on the website

            User not involved in the data transfer?

                        We have a network connected to many different data sources – if you do not know who might have the data you want, we will provide free support in identifying the appropriate data supplier for your needs.

                        You may already have a relationship

                        If you do not know the contact for data sharing at a particular data provider organization, the best way to find that person is to talk to other researchers that have done a data sharing agreement with them (you can search a journal database).  If that doesn’t work, you can always call the organization and wade through being redirected. 

Once you know who the contact will be, reach out to us at SEAL (do a link to a request) and we will help prepare you for a conversation with the data provider with information about the security arrangements, kinds of questions you will be asked, and the concerns that different types of providers commonly have. 

Talk to the contact at the organization – explain your research and the data you are looking for.  Ask if they have standard data sharing agreements, and if so, request a copy.  We’ll strategize with you in the initial conversation whether this is a conversation for you to have, for us to have, or for SEAL to have with a particular data supplier.   <This is about building a relationship, so understand how important it is to get off on the right foot>

How do I get my data into the SEAL lab?

If you have your own data,  we will provide you an upload link that will allow you to upload the data to the SEAL Lab.  You should encrypt your data while it is in your possession.  We will de-encrypt your data once it is in the SEAL lab.

If you have data sharing agreement with someone to provide you data, it is best that the SEAL Lab work directly with your data provider.  We will work with your data provider to transfer data securely.