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The SEAL lab facilitates research collaboration and offers access to supplemental data resources.

Secure Data: 

Secure data can be imported into SEAL.  We assist in the data transfer process and can assist you in providing security information about SEAL to third party data suppliers who want to verify the safety of their data.

SEAL Research Ready Datasets:

SEAL has research ready datasets that have been cleaned of data problem.  Currently, Ontario university application data from 2004 to 2017 is available.  Researchers wishing access to this data must seek approval through SEAL to the data owner.

Other datasets are available.  Contact SEAL if you have specific needs.

Datasets that Support Research:

SEAL also has a variety of datasets (available to eligible researchers) that may be merged with research datasets to enhance their usefulness:

  • Canadian census
  • US census
  • Postal Code Conversion File

Researchers may bring in their own datasets to support their research.

Researcher Support:

SEAL provides assistance in importing data securely into the SEAL lab.  We also are able to support researchers with resources to perform analysis.

Large Research Projects:

The SEAL lab also hosts large research projects involving many researchers.  Our server data structure allows researchers to store data in their own private space and share their results and data with fellow researchers in a shared collaboration space.  Researchers can access the SEAL on a 24/7 basis.  Location and time are no barriers to accessing your work and collaborating with fellow researchers. 

For questions regarding data or research support contact us at