SEDAP Conference: McMaster University - Friday, December 8, 2000

Macroeconomic Aspects of an Aging Population

8:00 - Continental Breakfast

8:45 - Session 1: The International Setting

Chair: John Burbidge (McMaster)
Paper: Marcel Mérette (University of Ottawa) "International Consequences of Population Aging: Towards a Three-Region Overlapping-Generations Model" Download .pdf file (84 Kb)
Discussant: Herb Emery (University of Calgary)

9:45 - Session 2: Financial Markets

Chair: Mike Veall (McMaster)
Paper: Robin Brooks (Research Department, IMF) "Life Cycle Portfolio Choice and Asset Market Effects of the Baby Boom" Download .pdf file (230 Kb)
Discussant: Marc-André Letendre (McMaster)

10:45 - Coffee

11:15 - Session 3: Public Finances

Chair: Seamus Hogan (Health Canada)
Paper: Bill Robson (CD Howe Institute) "Will the Boomers Bust the Health Budget? Demographics, Service Intensity and Financing Reform"
Discussant: Harriet Jackson (Finance Canada)

12:15 - Lunch

1:45 - Panel 1: Saving/Retirement Strategies for Individuals and Debt Reduction Strategies for Governments

Chair: Byron Spencer (McMaster)
Panelists: Malcolm Hamilton (William Mercer), Claude Lavoie (Finance Canada)

3:00 - Coffee

3:30 - Panel 2: Employment Issues: Participation, Work-Sharing and Immigration

Chair: Martin Dooley (McMaster)
Panelists: Tim Sargent (Finance Canada), Bill Scarth (McMaster)

4:45 - Reception and Dinner

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