SEDAP Network Participants

Michael Baker, University of Toronto (Economics)
Charles Beach, Queen's University (Economics)
Daniel Béland, University of Calgary (Sociology)
Dwayne Benjamin, University of Toronto (Economics)
Douglas Bernheim, Stanford University (Economics)
Monica Boyd, Florida State University (Sociology)
Martin J. Browning, University of Copenhagen (Economics)
Cary Catlin, Statistics Canada (Health Statistics Division)
James Davies, University of Western Ontario (Economics)
Donald deVoretz, Simon Fraser University (Economics)
Peter Diamond, MIT (Economics)
Frank Fedyk, Health Canada (Health System and Policy Division)
Ross Finnie, Queen's University (School of Policy Studies)
David K. Foot, University of Toronto (Economics)
William Frey, University of Michigan (Population Studies)
Jonathan Gruber, MIT (Economics)
Michael Hurd, State University of New York at Stony Brook (Economics)
Laurence J. Kotlikoff, Boston University (Economics)
Ronald Demos Lee, University of California at Berkeley (Demography and Economics)
Victor W. Marshall, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (Sociology)
Sarah Matthews, Cleveland State University (Sociology)
Susan McDaniel, University of Alberta (Sociology)
Kevin Milligan, University of British Columbia (Economics)
Rick Morrison, Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada
Sue Morrison, Health Canada (Policy)
John Myles, Florida State University (Sociology)
Douglas Norris, Statistics Canada (Housing, Family and Social Statistics Division)
Lars Osberg, Dalhousie University (Economics)
Christopher Phillipson, University of Keele (Applied Social Sciences)
Judith Phillips, University of Keele (Applied Social Sciences)
Louise A. Plouffe, Health Canada (Knowledge Development Section)
James Poterba, MIT (Economics)
Martin Rein, MIT (Urban Studies)
Andrei Rogers, University of Colorado (Population Studies)
Linda Standish, Statistics Canada (Small Area and Administrative Data Division)
Leroy O. Stone, Statistics Canada (Family and Community Support Systems Division)
Michael Wolfson, Statistics Canada (Institutions and Social Statistics Branch)
Allen Zeesman, Human Resources Development Canada (Income Security and Social Development Studies)
Junsen Zhang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Economics)
Klaus Zimmerman, University of Bonn (Economics) and IZA

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Last updated: Mar 5, 2004.