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Interviews on Sexuality and Relationships in Canada

Expanding on their multi-method, cross-national research project on social and political attitudes and sexual behaviour, Melanie Heath and Tina Fetner are leading a research team to investigate the sexual and romantic lives of individuals across Canada.

Dec 01, 2018

This research is connected with the "Social Policy, Attitudes, and Sexual Behaviour" research project. In the first phase, led by Dr. Tina Fetner, Associate Professor, Sociology, we successfully administered a quantitative survey of sexual behaviour and social attitudes to 2,300 adult Canadians. The research team is now conducting a set of 60 confidential, qualitative follow-up interviews. Sociology PhD students Nicole Andrejek and Max Stick are currently conducting the interviews with adults across Canada on their romantic and sexual relationships. The study is interested in learning about Canadians' sexual values, the relationship between their social and sexual values, and the ways in which sexual values are related to identity. The in-depth interviews will form new insights on the sexual experiences and practices inside and outside of marriage, and how these reflect changing norms of sexual behaviours, intimacy and family life. The mixed methods approach will allow the research team to put our survey findings and interviews into conversation to construct a negotiated account of Canadian sexual practices.