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Q: A journal is requiring that I submit replication files for an article that I am going to publish with them. Can Spark help me prepare these files?

Similar to SSHRC data sharing recommendations, scientific journals sometimes require researchers to make publicly available their data and analysis scripts to the extent allowed by ethics protocols.


If you have questions about how Spark can help you prepare and troubleshoot your replication files, please make a research conversation appointment with a member of our team.  

Disciplinary norms are evolving, but below are some resources you may find useful:

Harvard Dataverse. “Best Practices: Replication Dataset Guidelines.”Harvard Dataverse. (general)

Wilson, et. al. 2017. “Good enough practices in scientific computing.” PLOS Computational Biology. (general)

Long. 2009. The Workflow of Data Analysis with Stata. Stata Press. (STATA)

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