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News and Events

Open Access Week 2019 - Equity in Open Government

As part of Open Access Week, on Wednesday October 23, staff from the Government of Canada will be providing an introduction of the Open Government Portal (OGP) at 11:30 am and 1:30 pm. The event will be held in the Mills Library Connections Centre; light refreshments are provided.
Oct 13, 2019

RDC News: October 2019

October holiday hours changes, Saturday hours on-demand, and a national essay challenge.
Oct 03, 2019

Call for proposals - CHSP

A new Call for Proposals has been released by the Canadian Housing Statistics Program (CHSP) for an RDC pilot project.
Sep 12, 2019

RDC News: September 2019

September holiday hours changes, Saturday hours on-demand, and profiling a new data set.
Aug 27, 2019

Developing Data Management Plans | Transparent Research Series

Very soon, all federally funded research, both quantitative and qualitative, will require data management plans. Are you ready? Dive into the world of rigorous and secure data management with experts from the Data Management Expert Group. Sept. 13, 2019 in L.R. Wilson Hall.
Aug 21, 2019

Canadian Data Curation Forum

McMaster University Library and the Canadian Association of Research Libraries’ Portage Network will host a Canadian Data Curation Forum from October 16-18, 2019 at the McMaster Continuing Education Centre at 1 James St. North, Hamilton, ON.
Aug 15, 2019

RDC News: August 2019

August holiday hours changes, Saturday hours, information on the CRDCN Policy Challenge, and profiling a new data set.
Jul 30, 2019

Zero-Sum Social Policy: Going Gig and the Australian National Disability Insurance Program

Attempting to understand the drivers behind emerging gig labour markets.
May 07, 2019

McMaster Ancient DNA Centre at OE3C

Emil Karpinski presented his research on the American mastodon in this years OE3C.
May 06, 2019

Secure lab PEDAL is changing its name to SEAL

The Public Economics Data Analysis Laboratory (PEDAL) is changing its name to the Secure Empirical Analysis Lab (SEAL).
Apr 24, 2019

RDC News: May 2019

May holiday hours changes, Saturday hours, and information on the RDC Researcher Showcase.
Apr 23, 2019

McMaster Research Data Centre Showcase 2019

This May, the Statistics Canada Research Data Centre (RDC) at McMaster will be hosting its first showcase. Wed, 22 May 22, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Apr 13, 2019

AltAusterity Digest #93 April 4-10, 2019

This week in Austerity News:
Apr 12, 2019

The 2019 graduate colloquium for the Sherman Centre of Digital Scholarship

Katherine Eaton presented her pedagogical research on digital anthropology in university education.
Apr 09, 2019

RDC News: April 2019

April holiday hours changes, Saturday hours, a Save the Date for the RDC Researcher Showcase, and the availability of a new dataset.
Mar 26, 2019

RDC News: March 2019

March hours, and the availability of a new data set.
Feb 26, 2019

RDC News: February 2019

February hours, a call for proposals to The International Metropolis Conference, and the availability of a new data set.
Jan 31, 2019

RDC News: January 2019

January hours and the availability of a new data set.
Dec 28, 2018

International Conference “Beyond Numbers: Comparing Substantive Representation of Ethnic Minorities and Indigenous Peoples”

Drs. Karen Bird and Netina Tan of the Department of Political Science and the McMaster Institute for Globalization and the Human Condition warmly welcome you to attend our conference on the political participation and meaningful inclusion of ethnic minorities around the world! Dec. 5 to 7, 2018
Dec 03, 2018

RDC News: December 2018

December hours and closures, our annual holiday party, and the availability of a new data set.
Nov 27, 2018

RDC News: November 2018

November hours changes and Saturday hours, free online SAS courses for researchers, and the availability of a new data set.
Oct 30, 2018