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RDC News: July 2015

Saturday hours in July, 1991 Canadian census mortality follow-up study, and Canadian Income Survey (CIS) - 2012 data release.

Jul 01, 2015

Saturday Hours in July - ON DEMAND
The RDC will be open for Saturday hours, 12pm-4pm , THIS Saturday, June 25th. Please note that the RDC will be CLOSED for Canada Day - Weds. July 1 st. For the month of July we will again be instituting on-demand Saturday hours. Please let the Analysts know if you wish to work in the RDC on any of the following Saturdays. We will be open on an 'appointment' basis. You can email Anna at, or write your name on the sign-up sheet posted in the RDC.

Possible dates for Saturday hours are:
• Saturday, July 11th - 12pm to 4pm
• Saturday, July 18th - 12pm to 4pm
• Saturday, July 25th - 12pm to 4pm 

Please consult the schedule for Mills Library for more information.

New data sets at the RDC:
In the upcoming weeks we will be receiving new data sets and surveys at the McMaster Research Data Centre. Please see the information below. Researchers interested in accessing these data sets are encouraged to submit proposals!

1991 Canadian census mortality follow-up study
The Canadian census mortality follow-up study is a dataset that brings together four sources of information through probabilistic record linkage: 

1991 Census long form (2B and 2D) Historic tax summary file (mobility) Cancer incidence Mortality.

The linkages help to facilitate baseline analyses of mortality by indicators such as social position, ethnicity, birthplace, occupation, education, and other socio-demographic variables. The robustness of the long-form census also allows for baseline information across many individual, family, household, and neighbourhood characteristics. Some population exclusions are non tax filers, those under the age of 25, institutional residents at cohort inception, and those not enumerated by 1 991 long form census.

If researchers request access to the Canadian census mortality follow-up study, they will then be granted access to new files as they are released to the RDCs. The current files available in the RDCs are:
Mortality: 1991-2006
• Cancer Database: 1969-2003
• Canadian Cancer Registry: 1992-2010 (preliminary)
• Mobility file: 1984-2007

Files that will become available later this year:
• Mortality: 2007-2011
• CCR: 1992-2010 (final)
• Mobility file: 1984-2011

This information could be especially useful for research on subpopulation analysis (by First Nations, immigrants, ethnic origins, etc.), socioeconomic status (such as income, education, occupation, industry), exposure analysis (e.g. assigning exposure via postal code representative points), and labour outcomes (e.g. economic outcomes associated with cancer survival).

The McMaster RDC is now accepting proposals for work with this data. For information on the application process, please visit:

Canadian Income Survey (CIS) - 2012 data release
The Canadian Income Survey (CIS) provides a picture of the income and income sources of Canadians, including both their individual and household characteristics. This includes gathering information on personal income, labour market activities, activity restrictions, school attendance, child care expenses, support payments, and housing costs. The collected data from the CIS is combined with tax data and information from the Labour Force Survey (LFS). This includes individual and household characteristics (such as age, educational attainment, employment characteristics, family makeup) and geographic details (such as census metropolitan areas).

This was a cross‐sectional survey administered to a sub‐sample of those selected for the LFS. The 2012 CIS used 4 rotation groups answering the LFS between March to June of 2013 (with each rotation group having a sample size of approximately 8,400).

The McMaster RDC will be accepting proposals for work with this data. For information on the application process, please visit:

For further details on the survey itself, please go to the information page on CIUS at the Statistics Canada website: Function=getSurvey&SDDS=5200