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RDC News: June 2017

Introducing on-demand Saturday hours, new data sets at the RDC and a Survey on Sexual Misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces (SSMCAF).

Jun 01, 2017

We are instituting on-demand Saturday hours. Please let the Analysts know if you wish to work in the RDC on any of the following Saturdays. We will be open on an 'appointment' basis. You can email Anna at, or write your name on the sign-up sheet by the front door in the RDC. Possible dates for Saturday hours (from 12pm-4pm) are: Saturday, June 3rd Saturday, June 17th Saturday, June 24th. Please consult the schedule for Mills Library for more information.

New data sets at the RDC:

In the upcoming weeks we will be receiving new data sets and surveys at the McMaster Research Data Centre. Please see the information below. Researchers interested in accessing these data sets are encouraged to submit proposals!


Survey on Sexual Misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces (SSMCAF)

The Survey on Sexual Misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces (SSMCAF) collected information on about the prevalence and nature of inappropriate sexual behaviour within the military, the reporting of inappropriate sexual behaviour to authorities, and military members' behaviour to authorities, and military members' perception of the Canadian Armed Forces' (CAF) response to this issue.

This survey was a census with a cross‐sectional design. The target population included both Regular Force and Primary Reserve members in the CAF. The population is broken down by capability component: Army, Navy, Air Force, CMP, Other, for both the Regular Force and the Primary Reserve Force.

Statistics Canada conducted this survey on a cost‐recovery basis for the Canadian Armed Forces. The questionnaire content was developed following review of international survey instruments developed and implemented to measure the prevalence of sexual misconduct in the context of the military environment, in consultation with Statistics Canada subject matter experts. Consideration was made for the comparability of SSMCAF measures with that of other STC surveys, namely the General Social Survey on Victimization – particularly regarding the classification of sexual assault.

Researchers interested in criminal offences and the military workplace may find this a useful data set. For further details, please go to the information page at the Statistics Canada website

The McMaster RDC is now accepting proposals for work with this data. For information on the application process, please visit: