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Canadian Cancer Registry

RDC News: October 2018

October hours and Saturday extended hours, and the availability of a new data set.

Sep 25, 2018

Upcoming Hours

Please note the upcoming changes to the usual centre operating hours this month:

  • CLOSED on Monday October 8th for Thanksgiving.


Saturday Hours in October - On Demand

In October we will be offering some on-demand Saturday hours.  Please let the Analysts know if you wish to work in the RDC on any of the following Saturdays. We will be open on an 'appointment' basis, only if requested. Please email Anna at, or write your name on the sign-up sheet by the front door in the RDC. (Please sign up by the preceding Thursday.)

Offered dates for Saturday hours are:

  • Saturday, Oct. 13th - 12pm to 4pm
  • Saturday, Oct. 20th - 12pm to 4pm
  • Saturday, Oct. 27th - 12pm to 4pm



New data sets at the RDC

In the upcoming weeks we will be receiving new data sets and surveys at the McMaster Research Data Centre. Please see the information below. Researchers interested in accessing these data sets are encouraged to submit proposals!

Canadian Cancer Registry linked to Canadian Vital Statistics Death Database and death information from the T1 Personal Master File

The Canadian Cancer Registry (diagnosis years 1992 to 2014) linked to the Canadian Vital Statistics Death data (1992 to 2014), and death information from the T1 Personal Master File (1992 to 2014), is now accessible at Statistics Canada’s Research Data Centres (RDC) across the country.

The linked file will enable broader analytical use of the Canadian Cancer Registry, by facilitating epidemiological research on cause of death and permitting the estimation of cancer survival and prevalence rates.

As part of its record linkage activities, Statistics Canada linked the patient records in the Canadian Cancer Registry to death information available in the Canadian Vital Statistics Death Database and from income tax returns (T1 Personal Master File).

The death-linked analytic file contains all CCR variables and a selection of CVSD variables. Researchers will be able to merge the linked file to the full CVSD and the multiple cause of death file available in the RDC if additional variables are required.

The McMaster RDC is now accepting proposals for work with this data. For information on the application process, please visit: