Apply now for an Undergraduate Student Research Award

Why wait until graduate school when you can build your research portfolio now? If you are in your third or fourth year of undergraduate studies, you could spend your Spring term conducting full-time paid research through the Faculty of Social Sciences’ Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRAs).


The USRAs support research partnerships between undergraduate students and faculty members. Successful student applicants receive $7,500 in funding to conduct meaningful research-based activities in collaboration with a faculty member. Over 16 weeks, students gain experience in a professional research environment, hone their research skills, bolster their resumes and receive invaluable mentorship from experienced researchers and professionals in their field of study.


Last year, the Faculty of Social Sciences awarded 11 USRAs to undergraduate students and their faculty supervisors across six of our departments and addressed relevant and timely topics including, such as:

  • Ethicality and accessibility in online evaluation in the secondary context
  • Can anemia in adults be diagnosed through measurement of limb bones?
  • Subjective truth value is influenced by misinformation
  • Marginality facing international Chinese students during COVID-19
  • Declining food access in urban minority communities
  • The potential of tattoos and piercings to serve as viable mental health treatment options

Students who receive USRAs are expected to devote 10 to 20 hours per week to research activities, culminating in a research poster presented by each student at the annual USRA poster symposium.


The deadline to apply is March 31, 2023. Contact Chris Hollins to learn more about the supervisory and student research expectations.