School of Labour Studies launches Concurrent Certificate in Work and Labour Relations

Two people shaking hands.A new undergraduate concurrent certificate launched by the School of Labour Studies looks to provide a foundation in work and labour relations for all students at McMaster.


The Concurrent Certificate in Work and Labour Relations, which is now available in the 2023/24 academic calendar, gives students a grounding in the field of labour relations, and offers some opportunities for experiential learning.


While the certificate is offered by the School of Labour Studies it’s open to all students (including the school’s own majors). It could be useful, for instance, for engineering or health sciences students who work with unions in their future roles. Indeed, anyone planning to work in a field that involves dealing with employees will find value in the certificate.


The certificate also highlights to future employers that the specific field of work and labour relations was covered in the student’s education.


“Labour relations is really important, whether you’re doing project management or interested in representing workers,” said David Goutor, undergraduate Director of Labour Studies. “This certificate gives you both the skills and the intellectual equipment to do labour relations.”


One of the most exciting elements of the certificate is the simulations, which provide students with experience as to what it would be like in the field.


These simulations see classes divided into employers and unions who are in collective bargaining. Students then do research into their possible demands and responses, develop a bargaining strategy, then take part in the bargaining process.


More details about the certificate can be found on the 2023/24 academic calendar.