Careers for Anthropology

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Careers in Anthropology

Anthropologists are no longer found only in far off and exotic locations. A degree in Anthropology means a graduate can be anywhere; whether it’s government, business, journalism, cultural resource management, environmental consulting, health policy development, law enforcement, or non-profit organizations, to name just a few career pathways.


Culture, technology, society, politics and history impact so much of the human experience. Anthropologists help to understand these complex relationships which shape the globalized world. 


Employers value Anthropology graduates for their critical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills, which apply to a wide range of employment opportunities. 

Anthropologists in the workforce can

  • Help businesses understand the different ways people use technology 
  • Assist major corporations understand relationships between the company, its customers and employees 
  • Working with governments and local communities to manage and protect important cultural and historic resources 

Employers seek out the skills acquired by Anthropology graduates, such as

  • Theoretical and practical methods for enhancing cross– cultural understanding 
  • Ability to analyze root causes of social problems, and work towards solutions with diverse groups of people 
  • Knowledge of social research, quantitative methods, qualitative interviewing and fieldwork 
  • Experience writing descriptive reports and analytical papers 
  • Knowledge of a variety of ethnic groups and cultures 
  • Knowledge about biological, ecological, cultural and long-term historical factors which influence human behaviour

Examples of Anthropology career paths*

  • Archaeology & Cultural Resource Management 
  • Human Resources 
  • Health & Genomic Research 
  • Foreign Aid 
  • Refugee Services 
  • Marketing and Research Consulting 
  • Historical Tourism 
  • Education & Teaching 
  • Museum Work 
  • Public Health 
  • Law Enforcement 
  • Qualitative & Ethnographic Researcher

* This is not an exhaustive list, but it is a start in your career exploration.     

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