Careers for Political Science

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Careers in Political Science

A Political Science degree is crucial for solving the world’s most complex social problems faced by citizens, firms and governments.  Effective solutions require analyzing legal systems, political power and personal motivations, both domestically and globally. 


Employers value Political Science graduates for their critical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills, which apply to wide range of employment opportunities.

Political Scientists consider key issues that impact the future of Canada and other countries around the globe including

  • Causes of conflicts 
  • Conditions for peace 
  • Impacts of regionalization and globalization 
  • Environmental, social welfare & health policy 
  • Economic development 
  • Practices of government & elections

Employers seek out the skills acquired by Political Science graduates, such as

  • Broad knowledge of national and international issues 
  • Seeing more than one side of an issue 
  • Awareness and understanding of key political institutions and policy processes 
  • Evaluating arguments and research data 
  • Expressing ideas clearly and logically 
  • Setting and meeting research objectives 
  • Excellent communication skills gained through verbal presentations, discussions and debates 
  • Planning and organizing work leading to the solution of the problem 
  • Competence in designing, setting and meeting research objectives 
  • Identifying key factors in power situations 

Examples of Political Science career paths*:

  • Policy Analysts 
  • Data Analysts 
  • Lawyers 
  • Journalists 
  • Media and Communication Coordinators 
  • Political Assistants 
  • Human Resource Personnel 
  • Teachers 
  • Public Relations Officers 
  • Community Workers 
  • Management Consultants 
  • International Analysts

* This is not an exhaustive list, but it is a start in your career exploration.  

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