Experiential Education Courses

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Experiential Education Courses

Learn through hands-on experience and activities. Explore our experiential courses. 

  • Did you know you can take Introduction to Career Planning Through Experiential Learning on top of your regular courses without overloading? 
  • Become an active leader in your profession, your community and your world by taking the Leadership Through Experiential Learning course.


SOC SCI 2ELO - Introduction to Career Planning Through Experiential Learning

SOC SCI 2EL0 is a tuition-free, non-credit career planning course that is noted on the official transcript.


This 6-week, 12-hour course (2 hours per week) engages you in a hands-on exploration activities to help you understand the skills that you have gained in your academic studies, extra-curricular activities and summer jobs, and how this relates to making occupational choices and job searching, for now and in the future.


Course Evaluation 

Intro to Career Planning (SOC SCI 2EL0) will be recorded on your transcript as a PASS or as a FAIL grade. To receive a PASS in the course, you must: 

  • Attend (in full) all six classes.
  • Receive a score of 23/25 on the Cover Letter Rubric.
  • Receive a score of 27/30 on the Resume Rubric.
  • Submit your completed assignments on PebblePad as a PebblePad Portfolio before 4pm on the Friday of the final week of class. Portfolios will be reviewed within three weeks after the final class.


Registration Information 

  • You can view the class schedule and register for SOC SCI 2EL0 on Mosaic.

SOC SCI 2ELO Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I only take SOC SCI 2EL0 in Level II?

Students can take SOC SCI 2EL0 starting in Level II, but it can be taken in Level III or IV as well.

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How much work is there in the course?

SOC SCI 2EL0 is meant to be taken on top of the student’s regular course load, so the workload is not as high as you would find with a credit course. However, there are activities to be completed outside of class time and submitted in order for a student to receive a ‘pass’ grade, such as creating or updating the student’s resume and cover letter, completing a personality assessment, and the final submission of an on-line career portfolio.

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How soon after completing SOC SCI 2EL0 can I start applying to internships?

Students who have received a ‘pass’ grade in SOC SCI 2EL0 can normally begin to view and apply for Social Sciences internship placements.

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Course Outline

Take the Introduction to Career Planning Through Experiential Learning (SOC SCI 2EL0) on top of your regular courses without overloading.

View the SOC SCI 2EL0 course outline.

For more information, please contact:

Mark Busser

Mark Busser

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SOC SCI 3EL3 - Leadership Through Experiential Learning

Become an active leader in your profession, your community and your world.

  • Explore and enhance your leadership capabilities.
  • Gain knowledge and develop skills in leadership for the twenty-first century.
  • Learn in an interdisciplinary environment.
  • Gain community-based placement experience.


Leadership experience makes a difference

This course promotes an interactive learning environment and incorporates facilitated discussion around the various models of leadership, diversity, power, and change with ample time for reflection.


You will also have an opportunity to develop a more complex understanding of leadership, organizations and change through placements in the community which are pre-approved for the course. Placements are typically 2-3 hours per week for 10-12 weeks.


View the course outline here.


Registration Information

You can view the class schedule and register for SOC SCI 3EL3 on Mosaic.

For more information, please contact:

Ruthanne Talbot Headshot

Ruthanne Talbot

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Social Sciences 3EP3 – Social Sciences Experiential Project

Social Sciences 3EP3 is an experiential course based on the individually-supervised study model. Students will apply knowledge and skills from one or more Social Sciences disciplines to an experiential project such as a research project, community-engaged project, or work placement.


As an individual project course, SOCSCI 3EP3 is not scheduled by the Office of the Registrar. Students are individually enrolled in the course upon successful application and approval through the process outlined on the 3EP3 Application Page.
3EP3 Application Details