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Thank you!

Thank you all for being here – alumni, field instructors, community partners, retired colleagues – we value our connections with you hope to sustain and deepen them, with this weekend as one important exchange in an ongoing conversation.  

Thank you to the organizing committee – for your care for the history and future of the school, and care for the experience everyone had this weekend.  

To the Alumni Association, and the staff here at the University Club, and in that special thanks to Meggie MacDougall from the Alumni Association for all that she has done to get this Anniversary off the ground.  She helped us figure out where to start, kept us on track, gave us the insider’s scoop on event planning at McMaster, kept her patience with us through hours of edits, was responsive, pulled strings for us (free parking!) and was all around so lovely to work with.  

Faculty members, and our colleagues – who created the band, who opened this event so beautifully, who spoke about programs and initiatives, who created really compelling and interesting and useful displays of research and teaching and advocacy,  started conversations, created video, took photographs, facilitated sewing circles and word clouds…

Event Volunteers – there was so much to do! – hauling all kinds of stuff over, figuring out all the parts of setting it all up, responding to all manner of glitches and problems that arose, greeting people warmly, touring them around, inviting their views at speakers corner…

School staff – Lorna, Darlene and Danielle – for moral and practical support to this whole enterprise, and all of our enterprises. Sarah – it was such a pleasure to work together on this – your reflectiveness, your wide view, sharp analysis and generosity at once. And Tammy… we often say an event like this has lots of moving parts. If all the parts moved when you asked them to – well, that would be one thing. The challenge is that the parts stall. They need greasing, and prodding, and they turn just a bit and then they stall again. And then they start whirling around at a tremendous clip and you need to keep up, keep responding. Really its so many stalling and then racing parts that’s the challenge. It is a miracle that an event like this comes together, and really the miracle is Tammy. 

Thanks all around… everyone is welcome to chat and mingle till 5.



  • Brittany Allen, student
  • Amna Baig, student
  • Melissa Darby, student
  • Alise de Bie, alumni, student
  • Jonathan Harley, alumni
  • Megan Lesiuta, student
  • Carol Lopez, student
  • Mackenzie MacLeod, student
  • Katy McGuigan, student
  • Ashlyn Mondoux, student
  • Lorna O’Connell, staff
  • Carolyn Ralph, student
  • Darlene Savoy, staff
  • Liz Sayes, student
  • Danielle Schumacher, staff
  • Stacey Skalko, student
  • Emily Suelzle, student
  • Javeriah Waris, student
Left to Right: Lorna O'Connell, Darlene Savoy, Tammy Maikawa

The Alumni Association

Meggie MacDougall and Owen Saull

Singers from Six Nations of the Grand River

  • Bonnie Freeman (2003, 2005, faculty)
  • Jocelyn Antone (community member)

The McMaster School of Social Work band

  • Sarah Adjekum (2014, 2016, student)
  • Marlene Dei-Amoah (1993)
  • Saara Greene (faculty)
  • Jon Harley (2017)
  • Katie McCrindle (2013, 2018)
  • Carolyn Ralph (current student)
  • Fatemah Shamkhi (current student)

The 50th Anniversary Planning Committee

  • Janice Chaplin (1993, 1997) Faculty member and Coordinator of Field Education
  • Lorraine Chapman (1971)
  • Bonnie Freeman (2003, 2005) Faculty member & Chair of the Circle of Indigenous Social Work Action
  • Marlene Dei-Amoah (1993)
  • Saara Greene, Faculty member
  • Tara La Rose, Faculty member
  • Tammy Maikawa (2006), Administrator
  • Salomeh Mohajer (2006)
  • Rufaida Mohammed (2018)
  • Jordan Perreault-Laird (2018)
  • Chris Sinding (1994), Faculty member and Director
  • Jennie Vengris (2004) Faculty member & Coordinator of Field Development and Support
  • Lisa Watt (2005, 2017), Sessional Faculty

What will you carry forward from this weekend to sustain you?

Thanks to Javeriah Waris and Stacey Skalko and Tara La Rose for wrangling with the word cloud technology…