Published Work of Thomas Hodgskin

1. An Essay on Naval Discipline: Shewing Part of its Evil Effects on the Minds of Men and on the Community; with an Amended System by Which Pressing May be Immediately Abolished (London, 1813).

2. Travels in the North of Germany; Describing the Present State of the Social and Political Institutions in That Country; Particularly in the Kingdom of Hanover, 2 volumes (Edinburgh, Archibald Constable, 1820).

3. Labour Defended Against the Claims of Capital; or the Unproductiveness of Capital proved with Reference to the Present Combinations amongst Journeymen, by a Labourer (London, B. Steil, 1825).

4. Popular Political Economy; Four Lectures Delivered at the London Mechanics' Institution (London, Tait, 1827).

5. The Natural and Artificial Rights of Property Contrasted (London, B. Steil, 1832).

6. Peace, Law and Order, A Lecture Delivered in the Hall of the National Association (London, Hetherington, 1842).

7. Hodgskin's periodical publications have not been collected.