Published Works of Robert Owen

1. Observations on the Cotton Trade of Great Britain (Glasgow, J. Hedderwick, 1803).

2. A Statement Regarding the New Lanark Establishment (Edinburgh; John Moir, 1812).

3. Essays on the Formation of the Human Character, 4 essays published in 9 weekly installments (London, W. Strange, 1812); republished as A New View of Society; or Essays on the Principle of the Formation of the Human Character [essays 1 and 2] (London, Cadell & Davies, 1813); [essays 3 and 4] (London, R. & A. Taylor, 1814); [essays 1-4] (New York, E. Bliss & E. White, 1825); published again as Essays on the Formation of the Human Character (London, W. Strange, 1834).

4. Observations on the Effect of the Manufacturing System (London, R. & A. Taylor, 1815).

5. Address Delivered to the Inhabitants of New Lanark, on January 1st, 1816, at the Opening of the Institute Established for the Formation of Character (London, Hatchard, 1816).

6. Report to the Committe of the Association for the Relief of the Manufacturing and Labouring Poor (London, 1817).

7. New State of Society (London, J. Dennet, 1817).

8. Peace on Earth -- Good Will Towards Men (London, 1817).

9. A Letter Addressed to the Archbishop of Canterbury (1818).

10. A Letter to the Earl of Liverpool on the Employment of Children (1818).

11. Two Memorials on Behalf of the Working Classes (Lanark, 1818; London, Longman, Hurst, Orme & Brown, 1818).

12. Addresse aux Souverains à Aix-la-Chapelle et aux Gouvernements Européens (Paris, 1819).

13. An Address to the Master-Manufacturers of Great Britain on the Present Existing Evils in the Manufacturing System (Bolton, 1819).

14. Additional Statements Respecting Mr Owen's Plan for the Support of the Unemployed Working Classes by their own labour (1819).

15. Report to the County of Lanark, of a Plan for Relieving Public Distress, and Removing Discontent (Glasgow, University Press, 1821).

16. Permanent Relief for the British Agricultural and Manufacturing Labourers and the Irish Peasantry (London, c. 1822).

17. An Explanation of the Cause of the Distress Which Pervades the Civilized Parts of the World (London, British Philanthropic Society, 1823).

18. A Letter to the Moderator of the General Assembly Upon the Late Attack of the Christian Instructor Upon Mr Owen (1823).

19. Report of the Proceedings at the Several Public Meetings Held in Dublin (Dublin, J. Carrick & Son, 1823).

20. A Discourse on a New System of Society, As delivered in the Hall of Reprentatives of the United States... on the 7th March, 1825 (Washington, Gales & Seaton, 1825).

21. Discourses on a New System of Society; As delivered in the Hall of Representatives of the United States... On the 25th of February, and 15th March, 1825 (Louisville, W. Tanner, 1825).

22. Speech by Robert Owen at New Harmony (1825?)

23. Oration, containing a Declaration of Mental Independence (New Harmony, Ind., 1826).

24. Address Delivered by Robert Owen, at a Public Meeting at the Franklin Institute in the City of Philadelphia.... June 25th, 1827 (Philadephia, M. & T.C. Gould, 1827).

25. An Address to the Agriculturalists, Mechanics, and Manufacturers of Great Britain and Ireland (Bury, John Kay, 1827).

26. Memorial of Robert Owen to the Mexican Republic (Philadelphia, 1827).

27. Robert Owen's Opening Speech and his Reply to the Rev. Alex Campbell (Cincinnati, 1829).

28. An Address by Robert Owen on His System Delivered at the City of London Tavern, April 12th, 1830 (London, 1830).

29. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Religion (Glasgow, R. Harriston, 1830).

30. Lectures on the Entire New State of Society (London, J. Brooks, 1830).

31. Outline of the Rational System of Society (London, 1830).

32. The Addresses of Robert Owen as Published in the London Journals (London, S. Hunt, 1830).

33. The New Religion (London, J. Brooks, 1830).

34. Second Lecture on the New Religion (London, J. Brooks, 1830).

35. Address to All Classes in the State (London, 1832).

36. Robert Owen's Reply to the Question What Would You Do If You Were Prime Minister? (Stockport, C. Dutton, jr. 1832)

37. Address of Robert Owen, Delivered at the Great Public Meeting Held at the National Equitable Labour Exchange (London, 1833).

38. Institution of the Intelligent and Well-disposed of the Industrious Classes (London, 1833?)

39. Lectures on Charity, nos.1-6 (London, B.D. Cousins, Crisis Office, 1833-1834).

40. Lectures on the Marriages of the Priesthood of the Old Immoral World (Leeds, 1835).

41. The Book of the New Moral World, 7 parts, (London, 1836-1844) published as one volume (New York, G. Vale, 1845).

42. Address to Her Royal Highness the Princess Victoria and to Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland (London, 1837).

43. Public Discussion between Robert Owen, late of New Lanarck, and the Rev. J.H. Roebuck, of Manchester (Manchester, A. Heywood, 1837).

44. Six Lectures Delivered in Manchester Previously to the Discussion between Mr Robert Owen and the Rev. J.H. Roebuck, (Manchester, Heywood, 1837).

45. Exposition of Mr Owen's Views on the Marriage Question (Coventry, S. Knapp, 1838)

46. A Development of the Origin and Effects of Moral Evil (Manchester, A. Heywood, London, Hetherington, 1838).

47. A Dialogue in three Parts Between the Founder of the Association of All Classes of All Nations and a Stranger (Manchester, A. Heywood, 1838).

48. The Catechism of the New Moral World (Manchester, A. Heywood, 1838).

49. The Marriage System of the New Moral World (Leeds, J. Hobson, 1838).

50. Manifesto of Robert Owen (London, E. Wilson, 1840).

51. Socialism or the Rational System of Society (London, Effingham Wilson, 1840).

52. Ten Lectures on the Evils of Indissoluble Marriage (Leeds, 1840?)

53. Statement submitted to the Most Noble Marquis of Normanby (London, 1840?).

54. A Development of the Principles and Plans on which to Establish Self-Supporting Home Colonies (London, Home Colonization Society, 1841).

55. A Lecture Delivered in the Mechanics' Institute, London on the 30th March, 1840 (London, Home Colonization Society, 1841).

56. Address to the Tories, Whigs, Radicals (London, Home Colonization Society, 1841).

57. An Address to the Socialists on the Present Position of the Rational System of Society (London, Home Colonization Society, 1841).

58. Lectures on the Rational System of Society (London, Home Colonization Society, 1841).

59. To the Electors of Great Britain and Ireland (London, Home Colonization Office, 1841).

60. The Signs of the Times, (London, 1841).

61. Address to the Socialists, Being the Substance of Two Lectures Delivered in London, Previous to the Congress in May, 1843, (1843).

62. Manifesto of Robert Owen, Addressed to All Governments and People Who Desire to Become Civilized (Washington, Globe Office, 1844).

63. Address on Leaving the United States for Europe, June 1st, 1845 (New York, 1845).

64. Letter from Mr Robert Owen to the President and Members of the New York State Convention, Appointed to Revise the Constitution of the State (Washington, 1846).

65. Reasons for Each Law of the Constitution Proposed to be Introduced first into the State of New York, Afterwards into Each State of the Union, and then from the Universal and Unchanging Truth of the Principles and Innumerable Advantages in Practice to All other Nations (Washington, 1846).

66. Manifesto of Robert Owen to the Civilized World (New York, 1847).

67. Adresse à l'Assemblé nationale de France (Paris, Imprimerie de N. Chaix, 1848).

68. Dialogue entre les Membres de la Commission Executive, les Ambassadeurs d'Angleterre, de Russie, d'Autriche, de Prusse, de Hollande, des Etats-Unis, et Robert Owen (Paris, Capelle, 1848).

69. Dialogue entre la France, le Monde, et Robert Owen (Paris, Paulin et Le Chevalier, 1848).

70. On the Employment of children in Manufacturies (New Lanark, 1848).

71. Practical Measures Required to Prevent Greater Political Changes in Great Britain and Ireland (London, 1848).

72. Socialism Misrepresented and truly Represented (1848).

73. The Universal Permanent Government, Constitution, and Code of Laws... for the World (London, 1848?)

74. Letters on Education (London, 1849).

75. The Revolution in the Mind and Practice of the Human Race (London, E. Wilson, 1849).

76. A Farewell Address Delivered at the Scientific Institution (London, 1850).

77. Catechism of the Rational System of Society (London, 1850).

78. Addresses to the Delegates of the Human Race at the World's Fair (London, 1851).

79. Calculations showing the Facility with which the Paupers and Unemployed May be Enabled to Support Themselves (London, 1851).

80. Letters on Government As It Is and As It Ought to Be (1851).

81. Robert Owen's Tracts for the World's Fair (London, Holyoake Brothers, 1851).

82. The Future of the Human Race (London, E. Wilson, 1853).

83. The New Existence of Man upon the Earth, 8 parts (London, E. Wilson, 1854-1855).

84. Robert Owen's Address to the Human Race on His Eighty-Fourth Birthday, May 14th, 1854 (London, E. Wilson, 1854).

85. Address on Spiritual Manifestations (London, J. Clayton & Son, 1855).

86. Robert Owen's Address, Delivered at the Meeting in St. Martin's Hall, Long Acre, London, on the First of January, 1855 (London, E. Wilson, 1855).

87. The Coming Millennium, first series, nos. 1-6 (London, 1855); second series, nos. 7-12 (1857).

88. The Inauguration of the Millennium (London, J. Clayton, 1855).

89. The Millennium in Practice (London, J. Clayton, 1855).

90. Address of Robert Owen to the Profession of Arms, from the Commander in Chief to the Private (1857).

91. A Letter addressed to the Potentates of the Earth (1857).

92. Report of the Meetings of the Advanced Minds of the World (London, Effingham Wilson, 1857).

93. The Life of Robert Owen Written by Himself, 2 volumes (London, E. Wilson, 1857-1858).

94. Address to the National Association for the Promotion of Social Science (1858).

95. Selected Works of Robert Owen, edited by Gregory Claeys, 4 volumes (London, W. Pickering, 1993).