IESOP: Independence and Economic Security of the Older Population

Abstract of Research Paper No. 17
Widowhood and Retirement: Women on the Margin
by Lynn McDonald, Peter Donohue, and Brooke Moore

This study documents (1) the income situation of retired widows, (2) the strategies they use to cope with reduced levels of income, and (3) the effects of reduced income on their health and well-being. A major finding (based on analysis of the Survey of Ageing and Independence) is that almost half of retired widows live below Statistics Canada's low income cut-off. The views of widows on their low socioeconomic status are explored in 40 in-depth interviews. The study then proceeds (4) to highlight the policy implications of the findings in light of the proposed new Seniors Benefit and the proposed changes to the CPP/QPP.

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Last updated: Dec 16, 1997.