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Works in Progress

  • Tina Fetner, Michelle Dion, Melanie Heath, Nicole Andrejek, Sarah L. Newell, and Max Stick. “Condom Use in Penile-Vaginal Intercourse among Canadian Adults: Results from the Sex in Canada Survey.” In draft.

  • Tina Fetner. “Feminist Identity and Sexual Behavior.” In draft.

  • Michelle Dion and Tina Fetner. “Attitudes toward Transgender Rights in Canada.” In draft.

  • Max Stick and Tina Fetner. “An Examination of Feminist, Pro-Gay, and Inclusive Men’s Sexual Behaviours.” In draft.

  • Nicole Andrejek, Melanie Heath and Tina Fetner. “Explaining the Gender Gap in Orgasms: A Mixed-method Analysis.” In draft.